DYNOmite Kart Kit

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DYNOmite Kart Kit

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Land & Sea’s DYNOmite Kart Dynamometers - modular dynamometer labs for the school, kart race shop, or track. Dynos that mount easily, with or without engine removal. Precision, strain gauge torque readings provide repeatable brake engine horsepower. Integral computer calculates, displays, and stores RPM, Hp, torque, time, etc. - data-acquisition system also doubles as a sophisticated on-track recorder.

Standard dyno kits include: 7" toroidal flow water brake absorber (with 5" high-RPM rotor), electronic torque arm transducer, engine load control, DYNOmite handheld data-acquisition computer, AC power supply/recharger, stainless braided hoses, magnetic RPM sensor, data wiring harness, and protective carrying case. Watch the video!

30+ Hp* capacity with our standard toroidal flow water brake absorber (or 60+ Hp* using high torque rotor). The toroid’s ultra-low volume design provides control stability and response unmatched by simple vaned brakes. Loads typical kart engines from a garden hose water supply.* (Many other size water or eddy-current absorbers available to test virtually any capacity engine.)

Direct crankshaft mounting on most engines eliminates any “factoring” for drive-train losses! The 5" (or optional 7") rotor’s arbor fits directly onto standard ¾" diameter 3/16" keyed shafts. An optional 9" absorber fits 3° (1:10) and 4° (1:7.5) tapered PTO’s. Where clearance is available, engines can be tested right in the vehicle's chassis – using an optional rear axle adapter.

Small Engine Test Stand option adapts to many ATV, chain saw, kart, motorcycle, snowmobile, PWC, and industrial engines. Rugged steel construction – with universal engine mounting plate, rubber vibration isolation mounts, battery compartment, integral accessories shelf, removable (stand or wall mount) engine control console, wheels, leveling pads, and openings for installing our optional engine throttle and load controls. Mounting plate accepts many engines but can be drilled for unique custom applications or to accept “pillow block” type jackshaft bearings. Optional overhead “skyhook” boom supports fuel, electrical, and exhaust systems. Fan cutouts in the lower section are provided to allow eddy-current absorber cooling.

Standard chassis Kart kits include: structural steel frame with 4-½"diameter medium inertia dual-roller assembly, vibration pads, front lift-on wheel stand, vehicle tie downs, 9” toroidal flow water brake absorber, electronic torque arm transducer, Auto-Load Servo, DYNOmite handheld data-acquisition computer, inductive RPM pick-up, AC power supply/recharger, stainless braided hoses, and data wiring harness.

How does it work? The DYNOmite’s absorber is actually a very inefficient centrifugal water pump - with a variable flow control. The more water provided to the absorber, the more power this “pump” requires. It acts as a “brake” on the crankshaft. The resultant absorber housing torque and engine RPM are monitored by computer. During a test, the dyno operator regulates the engine’s RPM (by adjusting supply water via the “Load Control Valve”) to slowly sweep through the desired range. The DYNOmite calculates horsepower via the standard formula: Hp = Torque (in foot pounds) x RPM / 5,252.

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