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DYNO-MAX™ software option creates a full engine dynamometer lab on your Windows PC. Features include: real-time trace graph display, adjustable voice/color limit warnings, pushbutton controls, plus user configurable analog and digital gauge ranges. Publication-quality color graphs and detailed reports are available for printing or importing into other programs. With appropriate automated electronic loading and throttle control hardware options, operators can easily execute complex race simulations and engine test cycles.

DYNO-MAX 2010 highlights include 32-bit design, customizable console, real-time trace graphing, data formulas, EGT bar graphs, adjustable visual limits and voice warnings, color reports, graph zooming and clipping, user configurable digital and analog gauges (it even supports multiple needles), inertia compensation, “Smart Record™,” adjustable data dampening, playback data averaging, Standard, SAE, DIN, ECE, JIS, etc. atmospheric correction (with friction compensation), full data import/export and multi-run overlaying, averaging, with variance comparison (“Pro” version only), semi-automatic torque zeroing, instant last run playback, Road Load Simulation (via optional servo control), wireless "Pocket DYNO-MAX" remote control (“Pro” version only), preset single-click printing, searchable database for test runs, automatic storing all of your custom configurations – as “Environments,” and much more.

Our DYNO-MAX 2010 “Pro+” version is the most advanced DYNOmite dynamometer control software ever produced. One of this professional release’s most impressive features is its powerful Formula Editor. User Formulas allow you to expand calculated data sources (beyond the over 300 built-in ones included). If you want to chart something like “My Personal Friction Estimates,” it is as easy as typing in the equation. Publication - quality graphs and custom data reports (with overlays, averaging, annotations, etc.) are only a print button away.

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