EUROBLAST GL - for blasting flat glass.

  • EUROBLAST GL - for blasting flat glass.

EUROBLAST GL - for blasting flat glass.

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EUROBLAST GL is a specifically designed range of Euroblast cabinet for blasting flat glass.
Decorating techniques range from frosting and simple line work to the most specialised etched designs and images created by using stencils of vinyl, metal, silk-screen and other materials.

The Guyson Euroblast ‘GL’ range incorporates three models the 4GL, 6GL and 8GL.
All have common features but have interior blast chambers of varying dimensions; all come supplied with an efficient dust collector. Access doors are fitted with safety interlock switches as standard and an effective sealing system allows the operator to work in clean and safe conditions. New rapid change blast media facilities have been introduced and there is a choice of two blast guns plus an air-wash gun for cleaning off after decoration.

A continuous self-sealing felt buffer around the top and sides of the sand blasting cabinet allows the flat glass sheet to be safely loaded and held at the correct angle for blast etching. Horizontal movement through the blast chamber is achieved by standing the glass vertically on a series of rubber-covered rollers and moving it manually in either direction as required.

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