Guyson - Euroblast Full Cabinet Range

  • Guyson - Euroblast Full Cabinet Range

Guyson - Euroblast Full Cabinet Range

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It pays to buy Guyson quality. Don’t settle for a ‘catalogue quality' blast cabinet. It won't last, as a number of our customers have proven that for themselves... and then they came to us.

The Euroblast range of cabinets are highly durable, rigid and tightly sealed, fabricated and welded in 16 gauge sheet steel and finished to the highest quality standards.

Leading the industry, with exceptional component entry facilities and sleeved armholes which provide safe and comfortable operator access.

Guyson manual bead blasting equipment offers a faster alternative to labour intensive operations such as hand deburring, scraping and wire brushing, chemical cleaning,

acid etching or dipping, liquid honing, knife trimming, sanding, grinding and many others.

It is ideal for component producers, reconditioners and remanufacturers seeking to replace these slower and more labour intensive methods. Guyson blast finishing uses compressed air to propel blast media directly at the

component through an exclusively designed blast gun. These clean and safe operations are housed in an illuminated cabinet from which dust is constantly removed and the blast

media recycled to provide a continuous and reliable cleaning and finishing system.

There are two types of Guyson bead blast installations, both capable of using a wide selection of blast media at alternative pressures ... pressures low enough to blast delicate parts and high enough to handle the most demanding cleaning and finishing operations.

Suction Feed

Suction feed or venturi systems are generally selected for light-to-medium production


Pressure Feed

Designed for speed, giving faster cleaning times (up to four times faster than venturi

systems) to meet higher production requirements.

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