Series 130/140 Superfinishing attachment

  • Series 130/140 Superfinishing attachment

Series 130/140 Superfinishing attachment

Product Code:Series 130/140 Superfinishing attachment
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Pneumatic Superfinishing attachment for mounting on medium and large sized carrier machines for superfinishing of ground and turned surfaces. Especially for high machining work on large workpieces with large Superfinising tools.

In addition to cylindrical components, the attachment can also be used on flat, lightly convex or lightly concave surfaces and bores.

The Superfinishing attachments from the series 130/140 was designed for the daily application.The rugged pneumatically operated oscillator works with resistant transfer elements to ensure ballanced running.

The complete oscillator drive runs on precision ball guides which ensures a precise parallel working of the workpiece surface. The oscillation frequency and the vibration amplitude can be adjusted with a valve.

The stone guides can be actuated pneumatically and the contect pressure of the Superfinishing tool is finely adjustable.The wear of the Superfinishing tool is automatically compensated.

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