Sunnen Honing Stones and Standard Abrasives

  • Sunnen Honing Stones and Standard Abrasives

Sunnen Honing Stones and Standard Abrasives

Product Code:Sunnen Honing Stones and Standard Abrasives
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Honing Abrasives

Sunnen honing abrasives will increase performance whether you are using a Sunnen system or non-Sunnen equipment. As the world's foremost authority on honing, we have incorporated more than 75 years of experience and technology into our superior line of honing abrasives.

From aluminum oxide and silicon carbide to diamond and CBN, Sunnen offers the industry's largest variety of abrasive materials, bond types, grain sizes and stone configurations. You get exactly what you need when you need it.

Before any stone is shipped, it is graded and qualified, enduring the most exacting quality control standards in the industry to assure you of the most precise honing performance available. With Sunnen's line of honing abrasives, your operation can achieve greater economies and levels of bore sizing and finishing performance...with the quality Sunnen customers have come to expect.

Sunnen has devoted extensive research and development to abrasives specifically for bore sizing and finishing. Our focus is not blurred by involvement with abrasives for other applications, such as grinding. Sunnen has an 8000-square meter facility to research, develop and manufacture abrasives and honing oils.

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