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Gasket Sets & Engine Gaskets   


Please note: not all Gaskets are listed so please contact us if you can not find what you are looking for.

TTY Headbolts

Torque to yield (TTY) Headbolt sets are available for most makes and models that utilise this technology from the factory. TTY Headbolts cannot be reused and MUST be replaced once removed.

Valve Seat Inserts

  • Kz Valve Seat Inserts are made from a Tungsten Carbide Alloy and are suitable for all applications including,
  • Petrol (leaded and unleaded)
  • Alcohol
  • Methanol
  • Diesel
  • LPG & CNG
  • Industrial
  • Turbo and Supercharged

 We have got an insert to suit your engines needs!

Valve Guides

KZ Valve Guides are available in Cast Iron or Bronze materials and are ready for Installation and final sizing if necessary. We can supply associated Valve train components and have an extensive range of tooling for fitting and sizing of Guides.

Many Guides are universally used between makes and models please refer to the attached listing in our VALVE GUIDE category for full details on sizes, makes and models

Valve Spring Shim's

  • We have the largest range of Valve spring shims in stock in New Zealand. 
  • Our spring shims are suitable for all applications and are available in three thicknesses.
  • "A" are 0.060" thick
  • "B" are 0.030" thick
  • "C" are 0.015" thick

Valve Stem Seals

High Performance Viton Valve stem seals to suit most makes and models as either an OEM replacement or a Performance upgrade for older engines.

Frost Plugs

We have the largest Range available in New Zealand of Metric and Imperial size Frost/Freeze Plugs. Available in Lens, Dome and Cup shape and in Brass, Steel or Stainless steel materials. Suitable for Passenger vehicles, Commercial Vehicles and Marine and Aeromotive applications.

Sump Plugs

Standard and self-tapping Oversize Sump plugs available for most applications and thread sizes. We also have Oil Gallery plugs, Transmission and Differential drain plugs.

Performance Cylinder Head Components:

Valve Springs, Retainers, Keepers, Spring Cups & Bases, Stud girdles, Push Rods & Guide plates, Rocker Studs

Motorcycle Components: 

  • Harley Davidson, Ducati, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki,
  • AV&V is and always has been a pioneer when it comes to technological innovations for the Harley-Davidson cylinder head components.
  • Systematic and advanced development is part of our mission to offer you the ultimate valvetrain components.

With more than 66 different valve profiles, 17 valve guide models and 12 different valve spring kits, AV&V offers you a complete line of High-Performance valvetrain components in the industry.

Work Shop tools and Supplies

Kerzan NZ Ltd specialises in Automotive Engine Reconditioning Equipment and Supplies. We stock a huge range of Automotive tools such as: Valve Spring Compressors, Piston Ring Filers, Valve Stem seal removal and Installation tools, Dowel Puller kits, Cylinder Hones, Parts wash Brushes, Specialty Measuring equipment and much more. 

Flex-Hone Tooling & Brushes

Kerzan NZ Ltd are proud distributors of The original BRM Flex-Hones for Engine cylinders, Brake cylinders, Valve Guides, Lifter bores, Engineering Bore finishing, Deburring and edge blending of Cross holes and Ported cylinders. Flex-Hones for firearms. De-carb Brushes, end brushes & cleaning brushes.

Head Porting Equipment

Cylinder head porting and polishing equipment and consumables. Porting and polishing Kits, Carbide Burrs, Porting Rolls and Mandrels, Cross-buffs, Grinders and Dremmels.

Magnaflux NDT Equipment and Consumables 

Kerzan NZ Ltd are proud distributors of Magnaflux materials, equipment, accessories and consumables. Crack detection Penetrants and Dyes, Developers, Fluorescent Powders, Sprays and Dyes. Magnetic crack detection wet and dry method powders and aerosols.

Media Blasting Machines, Supplies and Accessories

Kerzan NZ Ltd are proud distributors of Guyson Media blasting Equipment & Spares. Guyson formula Blast Cabinet Range, Guyson Blast Nozzles and Airjets for media guns, Universal Blast Gauntlets/Gloves, AB, AD & AE Grade Glass Bead, Garnet for blasting, Door seals, Filters, Hoses and more.

Engine/Vehicle Treatments, lubricants, Sealants and Coolants

Assembly lubricants, High temp, O2 sensor safe Silicon’s, Camshaft lube, Elgin Pro-stock, Torco, Valco, Nulon, Hylomar, STA-Lube, Moly-lube, White Lithium grease, ZDDP additives and much more

Neway Valve Seating Equipment

Kerzan NZ Ltd are proud distributors of Neway valve seat cutting equipment and supplies, Valve seat cutters, Valve guide pilots, Valve refacers and more